El trabajo del Dr. Cortés puede solo explicarse mejor a través de cientos de revisiones de pacientes felices.

Revisado por R.H. • Fuente: Google • 31st May, 2022

I was the one to always comment on friends getting cosmetic surgery, finding the flaws in everything. But when a friend showed me pics of Dr. Cortes’s work I was like wow, this could work. My friend was looking for a tummy tuck, I ended up getting hourglass lipo with Dr. Cortes before her! Life!

Revisado por F.S. • Fuente: Vitals • 31st May, 2022

I did a tummy tuck procedure at this facility and was able to get rid of all the excess tummy skin that was all saggy after giving birth.

Revisado por T.S. • Fuente: Google • 31st May, 2022

The reason I liked Dr. Cortes approach for the tummy tuck was the hips! In know it sounds weird, but a flat tummy with no curves anywhere seemed a bit like only half the job is done. I went in for an hourglass tummy with Dr. Cortes and the results are just like in the pics of his other patients. Fabulous!

Revisado por R. • Fuente: Vitals • 30th May, 2022

I highly recommend Dr. Cortes for tummy tuck procedures. He is experienced and his bedside mannerism is enviable.

Revisado por D.S. • Fuente: Google • 29th May, 2022

Before the consultation with Dr. Cortes, I thought getting a tummy tuck is like in and out and then some rest for a long weekend then I could start resuming work, at least from home. I am so grateful Dr. Cortes opened my eyes and explained everything so well so I could make arrangements at work for a 2 weeks recovery. This helped me avoid stressing out to the max, which often happens in work matters. He and his team are the best.

Revisado por A.B. • Fuente: Google • 29th May, 2022

To be honest, I found the recovery after the hourglass tummy tuck quite taxing. For the first three days I needed help with pretty much everything, even standing up from the bed. But the results are just too good to even think about that now. I couldn’t thank Dr. Cortes enough for what he did for me!

Revisado por F.S. • Fuente: Vitals • 29th May, 2022

It’s a year since I did a butt augmentation procedure at Rejuvenus Aesthetics. The procedure had no complications and it’s been smooth sailing all through.

Revisado por Z.B. • Fuente: Google • 28th May, 2022

One thing I hated is people getting plastic surgery and correcting one thing but being left with another issue. Like the Sponge Bob shape people get after tummy tucks. How wants this, people? I saw Dr. Cortes’s work on Instagram and some video testimonials from his clients and I was like, yeah, this is what I want to look like! I got the hourglass lipo and it was great.

Revisado por J.G. • Fuente: Google • 28th May, 2022

I was in a FB group for a couple of years. I wanted a tummy tuck, but I was afraid, I wanted to take my time and see how others are doing after getting it. I think it took me longer to decide to get it being in the group. I didn’t like the results the girls in group were getting, all those square shapes I didn’t like. And then I saw the results of an hourglass tummy tuck done by Dr. Cortes and I scheduled a consultation asap. Dr. Cortes delivered and I’m very happy now.

Revisado por F.S. • Fuente: Vitals • 28th May, 2022

I loved Dr. Cortes bedside manners. He did my breast procedure and at no time did I feel uncomfortable.

Revisado por K.D. • Fuente: Google • 27th May, 2022

I went in to see Dr. Cortes after getting a tummy tuck that left me so disappointed, I just had to do something about it asap. I was completely square shaped after my first tummy tuck. No definition for the waist, no curves, no nothing. Dr. Cortes explained me in detail how the Hourglass hip procedure works and I was on board with it immediately. Took me like 3 seconds to decide. It was the best decision ever.

Revisado por E.J. • Fuente: Google • 27th May, 2022

I feared getting an abdominoplasty because I knew it was a complex surgery and the recovery period wasn’t too short either. But I’m happy I got the courage to get it with Dr. Cortes. He and his team just managed to make the whole process so smooth and easy for me. It’s much easier when you have a doctor who really cares, I know this now.

Revisado por T. • Fuente: Vitals • 27th May, 2022

After baby number two, my breasts lost their elasticity and it hit my self-esteem. I love swimming but I started avoiding it due to my appearance. I sought help from Dr. Cortes and he got my boobs back to pre-birth firmness. Thanks, doc.

Revisado por A.T. • Fuente: Google • 27th May, 2022

To tell you I’m happy with my hourglass hip procedure would be an understatement. I’m soooo happy I got it. I just recently discovered Dr. Cortes on social media, it was on Facebook, and I thought, well, this is exactly what I want and I didn’t even know it has a name! Hourglass hip rocks!

Revisado por L.C. • Fuente: Google • 26th May, 2022

It took me two months to decide to book a consultation with Dr. Cortes for an Hourglass lipo, but I was sure I’m going to get it as soon as I walked in his office. It’s just something that made me think, yeah, he knows what he’s doing, I’m making the right choice here. And I did! Now showing off my body everywhere I get a chance!

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